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My name is Phillip Alan Sheffield and thank you for visiting!

I started this business in 2001 with the idea that each wedding is an unique opportunity to capture something amazing and new! We always strive to raise the bar on what couples expect from their wedding film – part of the reason we call ourselves filmmakers. I personally film and edit each and every wedding we capture.

I am married to the most patient and flexible woman in the world, we just celebrated our 14 year anniversary! I am also the proud father of two beautiful daughters. Our bucket list family goal is to eventually visit all the National Parks in the country including the ones in Alaska and American Samoa. I have been a lifelong fan of mountain biking, golfing, and the San Jose Sharks (The Bay Area’s real most tortured team!) My all time favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption, and we also enjoy watching The Amazing Race, The Great British Bake Off, and the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I am so fortunate to not only have an amazing family, but incredible clients that feel like family. I am honored to have been chosen to travel from just down the street to around the world, to capture life’s most special moments. We invite you to take a look at our films and our approach to filmmaking through the samples in our portfolio gallery. If you enjoy what you see and would like to get more information by chatting with us over coffee, phone, or a video call, please do not hesitate to reach out! We look forward to working with you to capture life’s most important memories.

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Fun facts
  • Thrilled to have filmed weddings in 4 countries and 6 US states
  • Personally filmed over 600 events
  • FAA licensed drone pilot
  • Portrait by Bucheli Photography
Bucket list destinations
  • National parks – Especially Olympic NP!
  • Norway & the famous fjords
  • Iceland
  • Fiji / Tahiti / South Pacific
  • Amalfi Coast

our all inclusive approach

Your worry free experience begins now! From start to finish, you are in the hands of an experienced and capable wedding industry veteran.

From the moment you reach out to us, we prioritize understanding your vision and needs, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding is captured with care and precision. We do not just show up to your wedding, turn on the cameras and start recording. This is a pre-planned, thought out, polished, and amazingly colorful work of cinema. Me and my team’s warm demeanor and professionalism will put you at ease, allowing you to relax and fully immerse yourself in the joy of the moment. You can trust that your memories are in capable hands, leaving you worry-free and able to savor every precious moment of your wedding day.

Initial contact

Reach out to us and we will happily present options for your consideration. From multi day wedding extravaganzas, destination weddings, one in a lifetime friends and family celebrations, to intimate elopements, let us know how we can best serve you.

Pre-wedding planning

We want to know the who, what, where and especially the why. We ask questions such as “why did you select this venue?” and “why is video important to you?” so we create a perfect profile of what your day is all about. This 60+ minute meeting takes place 2-3 weeks before the wedding.

the wedding day!

Based on our discovery meeting we put forward a combination of the best personnel and best equipment that is suited for your day. We bring the tools and talent to best tell your story including a full suite of cameras, lenses, audio equipment, and multiple backups of each.

creation & delivery

All the pre-planning, captured emotion, themes, music, and amazing footage come together in our editing suite. We dedicate on average 40-60+ hours to the scope of your wedding which include planning, filming, stylizing, and mastering of your finished wedding films.

The Experience

Everyone deserves an amazing wedding film

Our expertise lies not just in recording your event but in weaving together emotions, laughter, tears, and love into a cinematic masterpiece. We create videos that not only look stunning today but will continue to do so for generations.

By blending artistry with technology, we strive to produce films that stand the test of time by providing you the perfect balance of entertainment and documentation of your major life event. Our process preserves the essence of your love story in a way that remains relevant and captivating, no matter how many years pass.

At Phillip Alan Films, our all inclusive approach and professionalism will provide you a worry free experience. Video related or not, we are always here to provide thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and guidance with your entire wedding production.

We are typically dedicated to 15 weddings or less per year, for the maximum amount of focus and attention your wedding deserves.


We focus on creating a finished product that transcends the limitations of time, ensuring that years down the line, your wedding video remains as poignant and captivating as the day it was filmed. By striking balance between innovation and timelessness, we preserve the authenticity of your moments while infusing it with an charm that withstands the test of time. We are excited for you to want to watch your video five, ten, twenty, and fifty years from now.


You will be working with myself personally from start to finish including before the wedding, the big day, and back in the studio. Anywhere from 40 – 60 hours is devoted exclusively to your wedding experience. You are engaging with us from initial contact through finished delivery, nothing is outsourced. We also legally license all music used in your short film, a customized process exclusive to you and your experience.


Our Northern California studio provides flexibility for weddings in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Wine Country, Tahoe, and absolutely anywhere you need us to go. We are honored to be commissioned to film weddings up and down the West Coast, East Coast, Hawaii, Mexico, Central America, and Asia. We love working at familiar venues, new locations, and any place two people want to share their affirmations of love with the world.


We are proud to work towards a sustainable future. Using virtual meetings we have not only make it easy for clients to get in touch, but eliminated thousands of miles driven per year. We have invested in electric vehicles, powered by solar panels from our home office. Our cameras and other equipment use rechargeable batteries to meet their power needs, and we deliver films digitally which eliminates the need for shipping.

Over 22 years in businessOver 600 weddings filmed4 countries visitedCelebrating love in all it’s forms<span><span>

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Film Portfolio

Captured memories

We produce creative, colorful, and story-driven films. Here are a selection of stories from our couples. We specialize in short form films, typically 10-15 minutes in length. We balance both the beautiful sights and the sounds of the day, creating a film that captures the who, what, where, and the why of your entire wedding.

connect with us

We look forward to providing you with excellent service

Please reach out to us so we can learn more about what you are looking for and to see if we are a good fit! We pride ourselves on being quick to respond, easy to get a hold of, and we typically return all calls and e-mails within 12 hours. Feel free to call or text us at (916) 397-9264, send a DM, or email and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

We want to learn about your particular event and how we may best offer our talent and experience to best capture your vision. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Text/call.: (916) 397-9264